Challenges appearing within the financial services sector related to matters of security, regulatory change, and mitigating ever evolving markets are becoming increasingly complex. Finding the right employees to manage these risks is essential to your long-term success. Oakwood Search simplifies this process by addressing your needs through the recruitment of strong candidates.
                    From execution teams to risk professionals, your team members manage everything from filing to ongoing compliance. They are also frequently evolving in their roles, with strenuous new requirements for success appearing daily and leading to a constant demand
                    for new employees. Opportunities prevail for firms to distinguish themselves across every aspect of financial services. From migrating data towards cloud-based systems to passing CCAR examinations, your company is only as successful as its team members and their emerging skill sets.
                    At Oakwood, we focus on securing your interests and becoming strategically aligned to advance the mission of our clients.
                    We believe by focusing in on the specific pool of candidates crucial for your organizations success, and only showing you the best of the best, we can build long lasting strategic partnerships built on trust.

                    CHOOSE YOUR PATH

                    PERMANENT PLACEMENT

                    The Oakwood Search team has extensive experience operating within candidate placement for the financial services and technology sectors. To ensure the quality of applicants we represent and to improve the performance of our partners, Oakwood performs a comprehensive systematic review of every potential candidate. When representing candidates, our expertise best display your qualifications across selective openings.

                    Our team works with qualified candidates to find them prestigious jobs at industry leading firms.

                    Our representation of candidates in finding long-term employment includes:

                    • Confidential & professional representation
                    • Selective feedback concerning applications
                    • Comprehensive review of position requirements comparative to candidate experience
                    • Ongoing representation across multiple postings
                    • Access to a network of the industry leading firms
                    • Financial services and quantitative market insider experience
                    • Direct feedback from partners on client portfolios
                    CONTRACT PLACEMENT

                    When representing the needs of our top partners, Oakwood often places candidates in project-based roles. Our contract placement focuses on fulfilling the needs of our industry clients, whether reducing workload during busy season or helping launch new customer services. Our team provides candidates information about project scope, placement, requirements, and company history.

                    In working with project-based employment, Oakwood examines how a candidate not only fits the needs of the project but also the culture of the company. Our final recommendations include a comprehensive review of experience to project match, candidate profiles, and availability across project duration.

                    Our representation of candidates in finding project employment includes:

                    • Confidential & professional representation
                    • Ability to place candidates in multiple projects with congruent timelines
                    • Long-term industry representation
                    • Ongoing support for resume and interview feedback
                    • Choice of selective projects at premier industry entities
                    • Market analysis and trend reporting on emerging projects
                    • RISK MANAGEMENT
                      RISK MANAGEMENT
                    RISK MANAGEMENT

                    CREDIT RISK ROLES

                    • Credit Portfolio Risk Management
                    • Credit Risk Metrics and Reporting
                    • Credit Derivatives
                    • Counterparty Credit Risk
                    • Credit Risk Modeling

                    MARKET RISK ROLES

                    • Equity Market Risk Controls
                    • Market Risk Metrics and Reporting
                    • Interest rate and Currency Risk
                    • Market Risk Modeling
                    • Counterparty Market Risk

                    OPERATIONAL RISK ROLES

                    • Internal process control risk
                    • Legal risk management
                    • Systems and security risks
                    • Reputational risk
                    • Fraud Prevention and Assessment

                    ENTERPRISE RISK ROLES

                    • Risk Frameworks
                    • Strategic Risk
                    • Risk response protocols
                    • Impact Assessments
                    • ERM implementation
                    • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE
                      REGULATORY COMPLIANCE
                    REGULATORY COMPLIANCE

                    CCAR/DFAST POSITIONS

                    • Capital Plan Development
                    • ICAAP
                    • Stress Testing
                    • Regulatory Reporting
                    • Capital Distribution Assessments

                    AML/KYC ROLES

                    • Program Development
                    • Transaction Monitoring
                    • Establishing Controls
                    • Enhanced Due Diligence
                    • Record Keeping

                    AUDIT POSITIONS

                    • Statutory and Regulatory Audit
                    • Financial Audits
                    • Operational Audits
                    • Information Systems Audit
                    • Integrated Audit


                    • Capital Plan submissions
                    • FR Y-9C and FR Y-14
                    • Model Inventory
                    • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
                    • QUANTITATIVE


                    • Credit Default Models – PD/LGD/EAD
                    • Market Risk Models – VaR, CVA
                    • Operational Risk models – AMA, LDA
                    • Liquidity Risk Models, PPNR


                    • Algorithmic Trading
                    • High-Frequency Trading
                    • Arbitrage
                    • Quantitative Portfolio Analysis
                    • Quantitative Researchers


                    • Capital Asset Pricing Modeling
                    • Multi Beta Modelling
                    • Market Price based Models
                    • Asset Pricing
                    • Diversification/MPT
                    • Investment Product Analysts

                    DATA ANALYTICS ROLES

                    • Data Scientists
                    • Data Model Architects
                    • Optimization
                    • Survival Analysis
                    • Machine Learning
                    • ASSET MANAGEMENT
                      ASSET MANAGEMENT
                    ASSET MANAGEMENT


                    • Equities
                    • Fixed Income
                    • Alternatives
                    • Private Equity
                    • Multi-Asset Class
                    • Commercial Real Estate


                    • Multi-Asset Class Strategists
                    • Hedging Analysts
                    • Portfolio Managers
                    • Economists


                    • Institutional Sales
                    • Funds Management
                    • Investment Management Marketing


                    • Asset Management Operations
                    • Trade Support


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